Power floor vacuum

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I’m sure this is a fine little vacuum, but I can’t let it pass without acknowledging that its a blatant knock-off of the original Dyson DC02 vacuum, and Dyson’s early NA licensee Fantom Lightning.

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It sucks!

…thank you, and good night.

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Product photo brought to you by teenage boys.

Just popping in here to share some things I’ve learned about vacuum cleaners.

For carpet, you want a beater bar. An upright vacuum with a powerful and easily-replaceable beater bar is excellent. It’s there to agitate the carpet fibers and release dust and debris that simple suction alone won’t get. It’ll wear down over time, so easy replacement is a plus.

“Bagless” sounds like it’s hassle-free, doesn’t it? Just dump the content, don’t have to wrestle with fitting on replacement bags. In reality, this sets you up for longer-term hassle of cleaning and replacing filters, and much more often than you might think. With bag-replacement cleaners, most of the filter is actually part of the bag. By the time you need to change that “filter”, the bag’s already full, just toss it and throw on another one. It’s much harder to tell when a bagless vacuum “needs” its filter washed or changed, you have to keep track of maintenance all by yourself. No one type is actually “better” than another, just a personal preference.

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