This cheap vacuum cleaner sucks (in a good way)

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$60 isn’t what I call ‘cheap,’ but it’s more affordable than most Bissell products.

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My, aren’t we boujie?

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knock-off of the original dyson vacuum

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I’ve never had any success with cheap Bissells on carpet, except for their best-seller $50 upright. This comes with plastic fatigue and broken parts, but the engine is (or used to be) good and strong.

Eureka used to have a $25 stick vac at WalMart which could whup carpet or hard floor, but the company discontinued it in favor of a far more expensive model, sold exclusively through Amazon.
Amazon’s disregard for personal privacy keeps their electronics off my shopping lists.

Best cheap vacuum cleaner will come out of a dead old lady’s house via estate sale. Just make sure it is not a 20 year old model since parts will not be available, however pristine the machine.

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