The Ramones rock a medley of songs from movies like The Lion King and Pulp Fiction (1995)


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It’s like listening to a choir of angels.


pretty excellent!
I’m a fan, but still I’m surprised they were able to make this work as well as they did. Being constrained to the music nominated that year means that I’ve never heard several of those songs. Obviously the AIC song from The Crow works better than most since it’s a rock song, and their cover of UO covering Neil Diamond has a similar advantage over the rest. But weirdly, as a Ramones fan and not-really-a-Warren-G-fan-but-I-think-Regulate-is-a’ight, I think the Regulate verse is the best part.


I can imagine a world where every song is sung by the ramones. I might be able to stand the darn work radio then…


So you do remember rock n roll radio!


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