The relationship between cheese flavor and the land cows graze on



Really interesting. Although I imagine you’d need to source from the source as most shop cheeses will be made with standardised blend milk from various farms.

Ask for farmstead cheese. I’ve never had reason to find out how (if at all) strictly enforced the designation is by the American Cheese Society, but the ACS designation specifies that only cheese produced on the same farm that produced the milk can is considered “farmstead.”

For specific suggestions just look up last year’s ACS winners, paying specific attention to category M and all its subcategories. (and, because I’m decidedly biased, do take a look at category CC)

This happens with milk chocolates well.

The AH category had an anomaly: the last entrant was not from Wisconsin – horrors! – and made something called “New York cheese curds”…NEW YORK CITY??? (cue Pace Picante commercial)

Couldn’t tell you how much of an anomaly that is; I don’t pay attention to the cheese curd category all that much, and ACS doesn’t list the number of entries per category. ISTR there were about 1100 total entries that year.

See, that’s why it’s important to remember the [sarcasm] tags.

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