The rise and fall of a Fox News fraud


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If he had only gone into politics, he wouldn’t be having problems now, but would instead be running for President.


I’m sure fox news will do an in-depth report about how this kind of shenanigans got through their though vetting process, apologize to the viewers and edit all news stories this man was part of. I’d check myself but monkeys keep coming out of my ass and jumping on flying pigs to go to the GOP conference on tackling climate change.


I have no inner knowledge of the CIA but I’m betting if he were an agent they would have dealt with this internally rather than letting the cops take him for a ride.


That’s just what they want you to think! Wake up sheeple!


What if he actually was a CIA agent and they just want to cover it up?


Fux News Comedy Channel, It’ll melt your brain with all the negativity.



Roger That!


I think it might be interesting to see what gets turned up by background checks of all of Fox News “experts”


Paging Anonymous, paging Anonymous…


“The CIA declined to comment – as a rule, it never confirms or denies agents”

Maybe he thought this would guarantee his success: I can pretend to be a spy, and they won’t say anything as per their rules.


I believe they call that Coast to Coast AM.


Now that Simmons has been exposed, arrested, and charged with with multiple counts of fraud, he will never appear on Fox News again.

I do no understand this logic at all. How are those two things connected?


Is that how the OEM and wholesale end of the bs biz works? Deferred gerrymandered hyperlocal, aggregating discount brokers who know where the tweedy nightshades are tested have to be doing their M&A by April, ceci nes pas une 'etat rot…


People who commit crimes of that caliber are never allowed onto respectable news channels.


I still don’t see how that relates to Fox?



So, how exactly is he different to everyone else at Fox?


It’s the article trying to suggest that there’s a component of fox news that isn’t fraudulent?