"The Rise of Skywalker" is so much better with Rage Against The Machine's "Killing In The Name Of" as the soundtrack

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I found this film so disappointing. Even that short clip shows how weak the writing is.

Good thing Clone Wars and Mandalorian exist - the latter can’t flub writing when there is no dialogue!


No. Sleep. 'Til. Bespin!
EDIT: Damnit, I’m so used to things being set to Sabotage that I forgot what band we were talking about. Disregard.


The song is properly titled “Killing in the Name”. Please fact-check.

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HOT TAKE: the writing for Clone Wars isn’t actually any better than the writing for the recent live action movies; it just seems that way because ridiculous premises and cartoonish dialogue feel less out of place when being delivered by actual cartoon characters.

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Wow - I just fact checked your fact check and you’re quite right.

I don’t think I’ll ever call it anything other than “Killing In the name of” though.

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By they can (and did IMO…) flub the rest: Pace, acting, characters…

@Engineer666 - I somewhat agree. I enjoyed the ambience and grit of the first couple episodes. The middle ones were just ok IMO. The final 2 episodes were pretty good.

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