The rise of Trap Metal

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Modern K-Pop began with a mixture of rap and rock.



I’m not really hearing the metal part, unless the only single metallic element is the vaguely emo-y vocals


I mean, Aerosmith and Run-DMC. Anthrax touring with Public Enemy (I remember that tour, DAMN I’m old). Kid Rock and that whole ilk of garbage rock/rap metal. Wasn’t there a rap element to like all of the early-2000s rock sound?

There’s nothing really new about mixing “rock” and “rap” together.


Yeah, I thought I missed something too.

This kinda thing has been trying to happen since Body Count… and while some are good like Rage Against the Machine/Prophets of Rage some of the examples really suck like Crazy Town. But if there’s more metal influenced rapcore like Denzel Curry covering Bad Brains I could get to like that as a genre…

But the Trap Metal thing feels like the music industry is trying to find something that kids can use to shock their parents, and they probably got close with dubstep and hyperpop… but that’s probably impossible now.


I SAW that tour. In LA.

Also, Skinny Puppy in the mid '80s, and Ministry in 1989 (Land of Rape and Honey). Though I wouldn’t call them rap / hip hop inspired, more like they were all tapping into the same base of electronica / dance music development.

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yea, i’m hearing not a single trace of metal in this Ghostmane track. are we missing something? i was expecting to hear something new i had never heard before…

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It’s all right. I like the idea. I wish I liked it more but for some reason I feel like these mashup concepts often end up ditching the parts I like of each genre somehow.

Like drums.

Takes a moment to honor a really amazing drummer:

The thing is… drums and heavy guitars are the parts that are hard to let go of. The part that moves me and the part that I care about that kind of define “metal” to me.

And I like club music sincerely. Like realistically I listen to more of that than I do metal right now because that’s just the speed my life has been in lately.

But… which parts to keep and which to throw away when trying to quiltbind a song from multiple genres? It’s always a sacrifice I guess no matter what because something has to be lost from both.

Sometimes it works. Linkin Park is another example of it working, though I guess they’re more generally “rock” than specifically “metal.”

I think IIRC one of the main criticisms that were leveled at earlier bands when they experimented with this combination without sacrificing drums and guitar was that they lost all of the rich textures from the bass, synths, and non-vocal rhythm components of rap and hip-hop genres. So… it’s always something I guess.

And in terms of gatekeeping metal I mean there’s drone and all that so I get it, and opeth doesn’t sound like that, and … really defining “genres” is annoyingly tedious to me anyway…but… shrugs

Meh… out of the experimentation new sounds will continue to evolve over time as different musicians work with it all and that’s always worth it. Hell, that’s the whole point.

It was fun checking some new music!


I don’t think it was quite as rare as all that. Korn, Limp Bizkit, Chili Peppers, Faith No More, there were varying levels of mix but tons of examples.


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The whole Judgement Night soundtrack…

Old schoolers workin today love metal…

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Before body count… there was cross over in the No Wave and hip hop scene in the early 80s… I don’t think they were ever really musical silos… Speaking of the Bronx and Manhattan music scenes that changed the world… And Basquiat is in that, it’s when she says “Fab Five Freddy” who could not make it to the shoot so Basquiat stood in for him…

And of course… not metal, but Big Boi loves Kate Bush…

This video always cheers me right up. I love Big Boi, I love Kate Bush, I love that he loves her…


That last video made me smile!


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Even better, he got to hang out with her, and he apparently has a song in the can with her doing some vocals!!!


Also, Bob Vylan:


Also, RATM…

And more recently Zach De La Rocha’s work with RTJ…


Thanks for the video link. That’s a 1992 changed a lot for us. And killing in the name was part of the soundtrack to these changes. LA was far away, but for us, Hoyerswerda (91) set the tone for the whole of 1992. Rostock-Lichtenhagen and Mölln made us so angry, we didn’t know where to put all that anger and frustration. So many of us put it into music. A whole lot of crossover bands came up during this time, metal and rap were definitely very much intertwined in the time. At least in our bubble here in Europe. Both were full of anger, and full of raw physical energy.

I think I never played the song myself back then, and I don’t do nowadays. Maybe I never actually did play it myself… However, when I hear killing in the name, I still have an urge to jump into a moshpit. Which would do me no good, these days…

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Looks like spotify/everynoise is calling it “Dark Trap” Every Noise at Once - dark trap
The Sound of Dark Trap; weird genre, thx.

here’s my recommendation for heavy beats and screaming

This sounds a lot like what the original post suggested - but with more edge and metal:

I 2nd that comment :grin: