The Rock is Awesome



Dwayne Johnson seems like a really cool dude. Glad the world got at least some good thing out of wrestling.



Heh, I had no idea Fezzik started in wrestling.


I used to watch him wrestle in the mornings. After the Superman cartoons. On our black and white TV.

Lying under the big windows, in front of the psychedelic wallpaper that my square parents bought but didn’t understand, on the orange shag-pile carpet that was always beautifully warm in the Sunday morning sun.



He is the brute squad


Go Dwayne!


His grandfather was a wrestler as well. And a Bond bad guy.




I guess that means Shepard Fairey’s 30-year-long public awareness campaign was a failure.


The Rock is awesome, but the kid in question, Jacob, is even more amazing.


Andre Roussimoff was an awesome human!

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