Steve Austin fights Big Foot


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Watched this devotedly as a kid, because this was the only new vaguely SF show on TV for a while.

(Bigfoot was a cyborg created by aliens to protect their wilderness hide-out, as I recall.)



Andre the Giant has a record for acting of 1.000 for me. The two times I have seen him in something outside of a wrestling ring have been practically iconic.


Whoaaaa! Let’s not give the kids the impression that bionics come with annoying sound effects!


Apparently that bionic eye Steve has makes Bigfoot look normal instead of grainy and out-of-focus.

Now that’s some advanced technology!


THANK YOU. watch and learn, young’uns,
watch and learn.


This ep freaked the crap out of me when I was a kid… The last part with the bridge and rotating walls was actually pretty damn cool, even by today’s standards - insane trippy. I’m going to smoke up and watch the full thing.

MacGyver’s bigfoot encounter was good too.


What was the other thing?


The Princess Bride.

If you haven’t seen it, you must.


Anyone who hasn’t seen The Princess Bride already is likely a Russian bot.


“I’m here for Farrah.”


The six million dollar man was the coolest thing in the world to me for a couple of years ago. I had the action figures and I had a paintable Austin v. Bigfoot plastic model(it was like 6 pieces to glue together, maybe). He was lifting Bigfoot over his head.

In retropsect, it seems that the sound of ‘bionics’ was about 90% of the shows appeal to me. :slight_smile: Still love those weird sounds.


You may have noticed in the clip that Lee Majors was horrifically constrained in range of expression in this series. From what I’ve read, in the storyline they had to disconnect most of the nerves in Steve Austin’s face in order to fully interface the additional bionic capabilities.


He said “The two times I have seen him…”, The Princess Bride was assumed.


My favorite episode of my favorite show at the time. Haven’t seen it since it originally aired. Bigfoot was prettty creepy , and the rotating tunnel was disorienting, sitting about two feet from the screen as we did…


Yep, scared hell out of me, too. As a kid I was terrified of any incarnation of Bigfoot.


I’ve never felt sorry for a bot before now.


That Sasquatch really needed a wheelbarrow and holocaust cloak. Oh well.


And they would have gotten away with it if not for those darn kids!