The Rolling Stones' "We Love You" remastered in 4K

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Thank you.

Swingeing London 67


The Stones’ “The Last Time” covered by The Who in a show of support while they were in stir.


Such a great, intriguing tune. I like when the Stones get dark (cf. I Just Want to See His Face, Undercover of the Night). Slight error in the post as both songs are not on the Satanic Majesties album. Wish they’d put “Dandelion” on there instead of the Bill Wyman tune.


It is intriguing seeing the band as they looked over 50 years ago; when young Charlie Watts looked like Thom York, and Keith Richards hadn’t yet achieved lichdom.

I’m a Stones fella, and I gotta say that was . . . not a good film. Seeing Brian getting the nods was sad and a little creepy.

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