The Root on that PETA ad, the NFL, and frustration with it all

I believe in that particular case, PETA led the charge to say “Hey everyone! We’re PETA! Look at us! Look at us!”, same as every damn attention-seeking bullshit stunt they do.


“Wellstone Is Dead – Get Over It” bumper stickers appeared here in Minnesota following the assassination death of Paul Wellstone.

Red white and blue, those bumper stickers. Professional print job, not a cheap home-brew. They showed up right after the crash, real quick – something like the Feds showing up at the crash site, one might say.*

(*Okay, not that quick – not like they were printed in advance. But quick: someone saw a chance to vent their gleeful hate at a profit, and went at it with a will.)

Update: On reflection, I retract the phrase “gleeful hate” – that’s me projecting, and worse it’s not the projection I really feel, which is this:

Imagine a schoolyard bully, a tough guy who intimidates weaker boys. (I was a weaker schoolyard boy, in my day, but that’s neither here nor now.)

Now imagine a weak boy of strong moral fiber who works hard, overcomes adversity, and becomes the school valedictorian.

It somehow works out that the bully, despite plenty of tough-guy talk and the occasional scare tactic, never gets the chance to actually hit the little fucker who’s getting so much attention from teachers and guidance counselors (read: liberal society) and, yes, girls.

One night after the big game, there is a car crash, and the weak boy is killed.

Thus vindicated, the bully prints and distributes “Liberal is Dead – Get Over It” bumper stickers, that he may imagine himself punching his remaining enemies in the gut.

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Update: Seeking the bumper sticker or photo(s) of same for documentation in the Hall of Shame.


Sorry, OT: see him in Medicine for Melancholy!

TL;DR - When assholes collide.

That’s not a terribly original joke - it’s the same one my racist, sexist, abusive, alcoholic, Trumpkin uncle makes every Thanksgiving when the dishes for the vegan cousins roll out to the table.


As has been demonstrated. The local shop was at it ten years ago is the relevant data point here.

Were you expecting me to disagree with you?

Harriot’s letting himself be trolled here. I wonder if any of the other equally clueless things PETA has done have ever surfaced on his radar.

Seems better to just shug and ignore the ad, as it was obviously trolling to get free publicity without having to pay for the spot. At least it admits that black players kneeling have a genuine grievance, otherwise it doesn’t make any sense to imitate it like that. The “white” response to that add would be to accuse the animals of lack of patriotism.

Remember, imitation is the most sincere form of flattery.

So you’d be okay with white entertainers jiving it up in blackface?


Given that they’re, as @zieroh noted above, a ruthless animal-killing organization, and given that their 2017 revenue was $48.5 million most likely given in the vast majority by donors who expect that money to be used to save animal lives, whatever else PETA is, they’re very efficient at taking charity dollars away from organizations that actually spend it on wildlife conservation instead of attention-seeking ad campaigns to get more money for “overhead” expenses.

But when you point out their malfeasance to people who still support them, some of them refuse to see it and try to rationalize it away. I realize people who identify strongly with an organization might resist facing when they’re wrong about it, but it’s sad to watch that prevail in the cognitive dissonance with their own sincerely held moral and ethical beliefs.


No, but “keeping animals in bondage is basically the same as chattel slavery” is an especially white thing to say.


You could, I dunno, try RTFA…

“It must be hard to constantly raise the bar of whiteness but somehow, they are always on the cutting edge of caucasity.”


As okay as I would be with a governor of Virginia or a Canadian PM, I guess.

I had the “pleasure” of spending week at PETA as a consultant a few years ago, so here’s my insight. There are some well-meaning types there, especially in the group that investigates animal cruelty and passes that info to prosecutors. But the vast majority of the rest are nuts. About 1/3 are deathly ill looking, scary thin and using veganism as cover for eating disorders. Another 1/3 exist on french fries and “vegan” junk food. The offices seem more like a college advocacy group - except with tons of money behind it.

The one positive was that there are lots of dogs in the offices to say hello to.

As an aside - I work in a very specialized field; there are perhaps 20-30 people in the world who do what I do. In addition to this requirement, they also wanted a vegan. As a strict vegetarian, I agreed to buy new shoes and belt, leave any wool or leather at home and be completely vegan for the week. On the way home, after almost missing my flight I grabbed a sandwich to go from a shop in the airport. They saw on the receipt it had cheese in it and refused to pay any of the expenses for the whole week (hotel, food, car rental). They even tried to get out of paying for the work and the flights, but we were able to get them to compromise on that. They are fanatics.


No truck nuts?


I should have read further before posting the same!

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Speaking as someone who has had to find vegan food in airports while traveling (we’re a mixed vegetarian/vegan household), I totally understand how that happened.

And your eyewitness account of their batshittery doesn’t surprise me in the least, either.


It’s for rich liberal yuppies to make a tax write-off donation because they like the idea of “helping animals” but they don’t want to do any research.

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