The Russo brothers' new Amazon show has a $235m budget

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CIA: Miami, CIA: NY?


CIA Latin América, CIA Middle East.


Most of the cost overruns are from the paintball episode getting out of hand.


I guess it was “new distribution methods”, but somehow the creative executives at HBO took the subscriber model and allowed the creation of great TV in The Sopranos. Not every subscription channel did that. Just like pre-Disney Pixar seemed to have a particularly successful method in its C-Suite of greenlighting and financing pictures, not shared with every movie studio. I don’t know what the special sauce was, but those two firms did something special that not every one privy to the same technology or rules knew how to do.

You see a similar dynamic today in how successful the Marvel movies are versus how desultory the DC movies are. Is it culture? I don’t know.

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I think Peak TV is over, and these budget numbers are a trailing indicator.

Peak TV is the a huge push to capture marketshare for a presumed winner-take-all streaming service model. Near infinite greenlights to in house content. Weird shit, new shit, whatever. Fund it. Go now. Everyone assumed it was come down to Netflix vs Disney and we’d have at best a duopoly capturing pretty much all streamable entertainments. But the old TV guard was willing to fight it out for a while, and they had deep pockets, for now, because broadcast advertising still exists.

But a funny thing happened, which is that some of the also-rans are doing fine and have no plans to disappear. Looking at you, Star Trek Monthly Subscription that’s for some reason called Paramount Plus. Then all the streaming stocks tanked and it looked like people were happy to quit the big players and move to small rivals. Netflix trashing it’s brand by funding jerkoff anti-trans content didn’t help.

So this is potentially an era of anti-consolidation, while these lumbering Rings Of Power will sorta shuffle by us before collapsing under the weight of impossible expectations, while smaller competitors evolve into new niches.


Two more episodes and a movie.


Absolutely incredible that DC movie execs were gifted a template and catalog as ‘the undisputed other MCU’ and couldn’t even make money at this.

I think most large companies can exist for decades without anyone really giving a shit about quality of the product. Which makes the very few that regularly care wildly outcompete, until success attracts new people, who are mostly interested in success, not quality.

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But Paper Girls gets the axe.


Ah dammit, really? Hopefully it gets picked up by someone else.

I honestly don’t think we’re in “peak TV” when shows are routinely cancelled one or two seasons into their runs. Half-told stories aren’t peak anything. I’m reluctant to start anything new these days.


Two words, “Zach” and “Snyder”; though his enablers are to blame too.

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