The Sailor's Dream: a game of beautiful things with unfamiliar traits


This looks reminiscent of Monument Valley, which I loved. I’m in the process of downloading The Sailor’s Dream right now. I’ve been waiting for quite some time for a genre of games that scratched the old itch that Myst and Obsidian once satisfied. I hate shooter games and I hope there are more and more like this.

Seeing the quaint houses on islands reminds me of a recent pursuit of mine.

The real world is filled with such mysteries that you can explore with google maps, and read about on the internet.

Click around the Great Lakes sometime. Zoom in on just about any decent sized island, and you’ll see signs of current or past human habitation. There’s stories behind most of them.

Mackinac island is a cool island community with an old fort (cannons and all), and no cars (bicycles only). It has a great Monkey-Island or Pirates of the Caribbean feel.

Then you have this guy, which has a house that was built, but never lived in because the owner was driven away by hordes of seagulls:

You’ll see old airfields, islands currently that are pretty farming communities (farming on an island, in this day and age? check out Pelee island in Lake Eerie), shipwrecks, lighthouses, etc.

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