The Santa Cruz Shredder is a much better weed grinder


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Santa Cruz makes a fine shredder, but Lift is by far the best (if you’re willing to spend the $$):


Yow. Maybe someday. Looks 2x the price. I have a hard time spending $50 when $15 will do, but the $15 grinders end up trashed quick.


Once you use a Lift, the Santa Cruz and the $15 cheap grinder become indistinguishable. Going back would be like replacing my food processor in the kitchen with a hammer. See if you can sell the lift in the BB store. It’s worth the extra cost.

Edited to add: Lift uses blades like a food processor to cleanly slice the flowers. Traditional grinders use vertical posts that smash your flowers to bits.


The mini scissors are my go to tool, I really don’t like powdered cannabis.


I got my wife one of these for christmas. Seems to do the trick nicely.


I love the key words are " bong bong"!


How am I not surprised that the guy raving about his weed grinder is the same dude that talks about eating five pounds of Gummi Bears with his kid?


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