Amazon's best selling herb grinder


That free bong with purchase promotion really paid off for them.


They sell these at the airport gift shops in Jamaica. I wonder why?

I have used one of these and can report they are excellent at grinding herb.


“This product is awesome! It does it’s job more than well. I’m totally glad it got this. By the way I’m super stoned”


i watched a young black professional explain to stone cold TSA officials how these grinders are used for herbs in the kitchen. they didn’t buy it. i, on the other hand, was cold stoned, and did not miss my flight.

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4th place, thanks to Colorado and Washington.

– Customers who bought this
item also bought…


KInd of gives it away, huh? :wink:

Rather naively I was trying to figure out what/why you would use this for in the kitchen.

It’s actually a stellar price. If you go to the head shop in that seedy part of town, you’d pay about $40 for exactly the same thing. Really good at collecting your keif.

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I think it would be great for rosemary, or coriander. The herb/herbs joke is funny and all, but this looks like it would make a nice herbs-and-spices grinder. Stoner friends might giggle, but the rest of the world wouldn’t notice.


Chrome Crusher is a much better grinder than some fragmenting aluminium can. You’re getting aluminum dust in your… herbs, which can affect… the flavor.

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That’s not a bong, that’s an artisanal glass pipe.


I was looking at them a while back to see if it could be used as a pill crusher for some giant pills that our dog needs to take…

Real cooks do use these for food.


There are pill crushers at the pharmacy that would work better and cost less.

My primary criteria was something that my arthritic mother-in-law could use, so I was exploring alternatives to the standards, but I just ended-up going with a basic motar/pestel.

Herbert be worried.

If she has too much difficulty you could grab an inexpensive coffee grinder.