I had a lot of POLLEN in my HERB grinder


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I’m so confused.
Where is all this pollen coming from?
How is it being collected?
What is it being used for?


Some jackass is using a CELLULOSE guitar pick to cut pressed pollen.


Let’s cut to the chase:
Do I need more pollen in my life?


Funny, none of my herbs emit pollen at all. Maybe it’s… I dunno, chamomile?


I bet you could use that to compress the hash residue left over after grinding cannabis flowers. That would be a good way to conserve your marijuana stash, and is also ready for vaping.


This actually explains a lot.


Oh man… to me the “pollen” is the best part, I have to actively resist harvesting it prematurely, let alone ever having to remember that it’s there. Even in times of plentiful flowers, I always looking down in the bottom tray. That said, this little “pollen” press is very nifty and I feel like I need one now. Thanks OBAMA, I mean, Jason!


You also seem to have a CORN CHIP.


Don’t try this in Oklahoma…


There is a bag of blue corn chips not in the frame.


You don’t… you don’t think someone would use this information to do marijuana, do you?


Well, not marijuana POLLEN, no. (-:


Found the Washington, Oregon, or Colorado resident! :relaxed:


Oh that’s really cool, I’d never even heard of ones of these.

Although I have to say you’re either getting much better weed than me or you’re smoking ungodly amounts of the stuff! Given where you live I suspect the former :frowning:

Need to move.


Pro Tip:

The pistons in these presses can get gunky and stick to your cake. You can prevent this by taking each piston, and pushing it through a plastic baggie, leaving sort of a condom on the piston. Things stay cleaner that way, and your shit isn’t stuck to the workings.


My sister did a marijuana once; now she’s turning tricks in Chad.


The dandruff of angels.


I’m such an idiot.


What, is, like, Chad her dealer?