The Sarah Palin Turkey Video


“Sarah Palin Turkey” – Isn’t that redundant?


I love how this is entering the annals of Thanksgiving history. Hopefully it will survive decades into the future like ‘Alice’s Restaurant’


So? I hate to sound like a jerk… but if you are eating turkey today, chances are, this is the type of facility that processed it for you and your family. If you are having a Vegan/Vegetarian Thanksgiving, then great. I don’t like Sarah Palin myself, but this is about as interesting to me as “SARAH PALIN PARKS HER CAR VIDEO” or “EVIL AWFUL SARAH PALIN CALLS A PLUMBER”


It’s the interviewer’s question “…programs on the chopping block” that seems to darken the whole thing further.


Xeni, Xeni, Xeni. I love ya like a milkshake, but why are we still drawing attention on this redundant person? Aren’t we giving her power in doing so?

And Happy Thanksgiving to you, ladykins! :smile:


Nah, the more Palin speaks – gobble gobbles? – the more she draws attention herself to her own bird-brainedness.

This video itself is like, found art. Firmly ensconced in the museum wing labeled Political Surrealism.


I don’t understand why killing a turkey has to be greyed out. We are going to eat millions of them today. We can at least see how they die.


But it’s such a tiny operation! I imagine my $0.50/lb turkey was processed in a slightly more industrial setting. But, whatever…
The funny part isn’t that they acknowledge meat is murder; what’s funny is that they framed the shot to include a dying creature. If your hypothetical plumber video had a bunch of poop in it, then it would be equally funny. Get it?! :smile:


It’s been a mercifully long time since I’ve heard this individual speak. I’d forgotten just how tragically incapable of expressing coherent thought she actually is. What a train wreck.

It’s astonishing that such a person rose to a position of global notoriety. “Is our children learning,” indeed.


You’re HOW MUCH turkey? For reals?

12 lb. bird for $6.
I don’t know man, Delhaize Group made some pact with the turkey devil or something, I don’t know.

Yes, that’s right - it is fun, isn’t it, Sarah?

That woman - so completely oblivious.

I also thought that was completely mental.

A nice young women flew from Canada too Israel for a year at a Kibbutz. While at the Kibbutz doing what not, she liked too pet a certain goat. The woman in charge of the Kibbutz saw her petting the animal and told her not too pet it any more or it with be slayer’d and eaten by her cabin. She never petted the goat again, put admitted to furlong glances betwixt each other.

So you know, its only an animal in some eyes. Hence, don’t play with your food.

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fuck me, a cheap frozen turkey here’s, like, ten, fifteen quid or something.
(I think. I am ambivalent to the creatures at best, be they ambulatory or roasted).

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So killing two turkeys equals mass turkey murder? Or something? Sure, we all know that Palin is oblivious to anything that isn’t herself but come on now…

Isn’t this video years old?


Yes , this video is over 5 years old. And has been brought up here at least twice now.

Hey Ben? What are we going to do with all these f’ing turkeys. The meat is dry and they’re just too damn big. Takes all day just to cook it.

Hm? Perhaps we could start a national holiday . . .

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To me, this video doesn’t say much about Palin’s cruelty so much as it encapsulates her incredible obliviousness to the world around her.