Vine clip compares Sarah Palin and Tina Fey impersonating Palin

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its hard job to parody reality like this


That SNL skit was pure gold, second only to the yosemite sam mashup. She’s gotten so bad that I ALMOST feel bad laughing, like laughing at someone with a real disability.


The amazing thing in the comparison is that the actual Palin has more extreme and exuberant (and ridiculous) gestures; you expect a parody to be exaggerated, but Palin is difficult to top.


Julia O’Malley, an Alaska-based journalist guest-writing for The Guardian, suggests that there’s room to feel bad for Palin. (A general reminder for this election season: you can feel compassion for someone and still feel that they’re misguided, destructive, paving a road to perdition for the entire country, etc.)


If anybody’s really curious, I’ve always found Tina Fey’s interview on Fresh Air to be absolutely fascinating for its insights to how she creates the Sarah Palin voice. I don’t know if the link has the entire interview, but the amount of work and effort that goes into analyzing and learning the cadences of Palin’s voice is an amazing testament to Fey’s work


Thanks, a good read, but ya know what? I just can’t feel sorry for her. Especially when she’s done so much to stir up so much wingnut idiocy and hatred. And has no doubt made a lot of money while doing so.


Is this real life?

I’m afraid I gotta take some issue with that headline. If Palin ever had a soul then she didn’t “lose” it, she SOLD it.


I bet Sarah Palin is mad as hell she didn’t have that patriotic striping on her jacket.

I admit, my compassion ranges anywhere from instinctive to serious effort, depending on the individual. Palin tests that compassion whenever I hear her voice.

What I took away from O’Malley’s piece is the portrayal of a woman unprepared for the searing glow of the national spotlight that has since been both the cause and cure of her sense of loss in her personal life. As Dave Chappelle quipped: you can become _in_famous, but you can’t become _un_famous. Being tapped as the 2008 Republican VP candidate, the national spotlight revealed personal demons she never knew she had.

I really hope she doesn’t cross that threshold where I lose all compassion for her, because that would mean the country is pretty much screwed.

Everyone is human, has weaknesses and blindspots, makes mistakes and so on, but with some people, focusing on that instead of the harm they do and the avarice they indulge in doesn’t make sense to me. Another way to put it: however imperfect and worthy of compassion Palin is, her monstrous beliefs and actions outweigh that so much that I see no reason to express compassion for her. Especially, as I basically said above, while she’s proverbially laughing all the way to the bank.


The original endorsement is so much crazier. And scarier.

With every passing day I find myself adoring Tina Fey more and more.

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Good distinction. I agree.

There is a glitch in the matrix.

Well, I no longer find her all that amusing.

It used to be one beer-out-the-nose moment after another…back in those good old days when her batshit schtick was somewhat fresh and popular with the wingnut crowd. Now her act is just banal and tiresome. Anyone with common sense – especially in GOP circles - just wants her to go away and stay away.

But…of course, we now have the bizarre Trump phenomenon. Public attention (and probably money) is back on the table and she naturally homes right in on it. She seems hell-bent on riding the crazy train as far as it takes her.

And a not so quiet desperation is setting in on the right…

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