The Sartorialist – NYC stylish strangers happily caught by a candid camera

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Okay, I figured out this racket years ago. That lady on the cover is not stylish. She is gorgeous. Advertisers hire models who will make their clothes look good by being gorgeous in them, and it works. The lady on the cover of this book is dressed like a schlub, and I’m not even Jewish, but she makes those Salvation Army threads look hot.

Even K-mart has hot models. It’s not like they’re scarce.



try looking through the blog, a few ordinary pedestrians in there. Though tons of bad ass fashion.

But yeah- good looks, money, fashion, expensive hair cuts and makeup- all seem to go hand in hand. And for the rest of us, well, I sit here in envy any way.


Like this?


The interaction between clothes and the person wearing them that makes the result beautiful is, I think, a lot more complex than you suggest. Having an eye for what works is very important. You only have to look at the pictures of media events where celebrity women wear expensive barely nothing to see that the result can be a complete mess regardless of what the wearer looks like.


You have a point.

In other news, I don’t buy donuts at the hardware store… HONY isn’t where I’d go to see sartorial matters to begin with.

A thousand times this! Having lived in Tokyo and NYC, cities supposedly known for stylish dress, it just shocks me how many people buy and wear garments that don’t look good on them.

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