The Secret Service's history of booze, bullets, bombs, and hookers


You should see the booze, bullets, bombs and hookers in Her Majesty’s Secret Service.*

*Though not the actual movie On Her Majesty's Secret Service, because that was definitely not one of the better installments in the franchise.

Does anyone know when all these scandals began? Maybe it’s just a coincidence that when Homeland Security took over? I’m sure the Secret Service wasn’t pristine before, but it really seems as if there’s a collective “f#*& it” emanating from the agency.

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And here I thought “Live and Die in LA” was just a movie.

Anecdote: On a recent airline flight I sat next to an off-duty state trooper. He ordered his beers two at a time (more than once) and chugged them like he was at frat party. I’ve never seen anyone do this, and I wonder if the guy hadn’t declared himself police before ordering, he would have been served that way.

In my mind, there is a culture of this kind of excess across law enforcement. But my perspective is narrow; All my police encounters have cost me money or years off my life.

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