The Seed Lives Forever


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That… was some truly atrocious writing.


That. Was. Great.
Especially since it seems to have made some dudes’ penis shrivel up.


Since you’re replying to me, I presume you mean my penis. You are completely and utterly off-base, but don’t let that stop you. Clearly, the only reason something can be considered bad writing is because I disagree with the ideas in it. It can’t be because the execution is execrable.


Which dam is that in the pic?

To start, I am male, but I am certainly not a MRA or an apologist. If the genders (and appropriate details) were reversed in this story, it would have never been published here. I believe in equality, not fantasy about violent genital mutilation. If that’s what is being published here, then this isn’t the kind of place I thought it was. Even the Eichhorn stuff isn’t this offensive.

What kind of a place did you think it was? And who did that to you?

Hmm. I wrote a bit of a mini-rant about ‘wonderful things’, which I thought was the tagline here, then did some digging and found that appears to be no longer the case. The first sentence in the About Us section says: “Boing Boing is the web’s favorite zine devoted to the weird, wonderful and wicked things to be found in technology and culture.” This is certainly wicked, weird, or wonderful, depending on how you view it. I suppose I did this to me. Does that satisfy your question, or did you want some outrage?

I’d say it’s wank, personally.

Much like all the Eichhorn crap you referred to; which was definitely more offensive.

Actually, its about ethics in games journalism.

(Are we still doing that? Is it wildly inappropriate in this instance? I don't even know anymore.)

I think it reached a critical mass of people complaining about stuff that clearly wasn’t wonderful, they had to broaden their brief.

Thank you.

No, just wanted to check that you had checked your expectations before expressing displeasure at the free ice cream. Thank you!

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