The shortest commercial flight in the world is less than one minute long

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Not really comparable, but I was on a flight from Madison, WI to Chicago, IL which spend more time taxiing around O’Hare than it had in the air.


With my luck I’d take the Orkney flight and they’d manage to lose my luggage.

“We are so sorry Mr. M! We, we don’t quite understand it, ourselves. We don’t know how it happened, but for some inexplicable reason your bags have been sent to Pittsburgh.”


the shortest nonstop regular flight anywhere in the world

Does this imply that there’s a shorter flight somewhere in the world that includes a stopover?


I was once on a flight from Madison to O’Hare in which I was literally the only passenger. The flight attendant told me to sit where I wanted and gave me one of those enormous 1.5 liter bottles of water.


Been there, done that, got the certificate…

Ending is confusing, did he fall into the pool after bouncing off of the net?

Oh there are lots of tiny flights from Chicago. I think the shortest (at least for me) was to South Bend, IN. At least someone else paid.

I live in one of those cities that has a quick flight (30 min flight, 30 min taxiing) to O’Hare, and I’m grateful for it. Getting to O’Hare, parking, and dealing with their security is not worth it when I can leave my house an hour before the flight and have no issues.

OTOH, when summer thunderstorms force them to cancel a few flights, those are the ones that get cancelled.

All the cool shit happens in Scotland.


Experience PPW-WRY for yourself:

I was confusing this with another Loganair service worth seeing:

You used to be able to fly SFO <> Oakland (<10 minutes in the air) on flights that then continued on to/arriving from other destinations, but I don’t think they do that anymore.

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I think the shortest flight out of SFO is now Monterey. I considered taking it once but after allowing time to check in and clear security, it barely beats public transit. (Probably makes more sense if you’re connecting through SFO to/from Monterey, I suppose.)

So if I start loading a Boing Boing page in Firefox when I start the flight, it won’t even be finished loading when the flight lands? Or after I drive home? Or after I take a bath? Or after I watch a couple movies?

The buried lede is that they figured out how to do security and checkin for an international flight quick enough to make it worthwhile.

I would always drive four hours to Tahoe from SF because it was quicker than dealing with the flight.

Wait. Are you an illegal clone of me? You’ve been to Madison and know and/or live in the DC area.

I went to a wedding/family reunion in Madison and the Wisconsin Dells a few of years back.

Weirdly, all the flights between Singapore and neighboring Johor Bahru go via Penang or Kuala Lumpur.

(and take hours. I could swim faster).

From the Wikipedia article:

Flights between Westray Airport and Papa Westray Airport occur daily in both directions, except on Saturdays, when only flights from Westray to Papa Westray are available, and on Sunday, when only flights from Papa Westray to Westray are available.

I suspect Wicker Man-type shennanigans on Papa Westray on Saturday nights.