The world's shortest commercial flight is just 80 seconds long


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I was on a flight from Madison Wisconsin to Chicago that quite literally spent more time taxiing in O’Hare after landing than in the air.


They should install a trebuchet


The DFW to Austin flight is much like that.


They may be slow, but the north island ferries don’t seem so bad when you can take your vehicle with you.

Vehicle Rates < 5.0m (VAT Zero Rated Accompanied, Standard Rate Unaccompanied)
Single Return
10 Journey
20 Journey
50 Journey
Ticket ***
Vehicles up to 5.0m (16’ 6") £19.70 £39.40 £147.75 £275.80 492.50 £
Inter-Island £9.85 £19.70 N/A N/A N/A
Registered Disabled Vehicles* <5.0m (16’ 6") £9.85 £19.70 N/A N/A N/A
Individual Trailers, Farm Implements & Horseboxes
<5m (16’6") or towed PLG/Private Vehicle £19.70 £39.40 £147.75 £275.80 492.50 £
Mobile Homes < 5.0m (16’ 6") £19.70 £39.40 £147.75 £275.80 492.50 £
Mobile Homes from 5.01m up to 8.0m £29.55 £59.10 N/A N/A N/A
Mobile Homes from 8.01m up to 10.0m £39.40 £78.80 N/A N/A N/A
Mobile Homes from 10.0m up to15.0m £59.10 £118.20 N/A N/A N/A
Excess Charge for under booked vehicles £10.40 plus VAT per 0.5m or part in excess.
All Other Vehicles and Trailers over 5.0m (VAT Standard Rate)
Up to 5.0m - £19.70 (single) thereafter increasing by £10.40 per 0.5m or part in excess.
Return - Twice Single Fare
10 Journey Ticket - 25% Reduction
20 Journey Ticket - 30% Reduction
Inter-Island - Rate Available on Request
Registered Disabled Mobile Homes - Rate Available on Request 5.2
(VAT - Zero Rated if Accompanied, Standard Rated if Unaccompanied)
Single Return
Motorcycles £11.35 £22.70
Bicycle No Charge No Charge
Tricycle No Charge No Charge
Passenger Rates (VAT Zero Rated)
Single Return
10 Journey
20 Journey
50 Journey
Ticket ***
Adult £8.35 £16.70 £62.65 £116.90 £208.75
Junior £4.15 £8.30 £31.15 £58.10 £103.75
Senior Citizen £4.15 £8.30 £41.50 £83.00 N/A
Registered Disabled*/Blind** £4.15 £8.30 £41.50 £83.00 N/A
Under 5’s No Charge No Charge N/A N/A N/A
Adult £4.15 £8.30 £31.15 £58.10 N/A
Junior £2.10 £4.20 £15.75 £29.40 N/A
Senior Citizen £2.10 £4.20 £21.00 £42.00 N/A
Registered Disabled*/Blind** £2.10 £4.20 £21.00 £42.00 N/A
Under 5’s No Charge No Charge N/A N/A N/A
Island Explorer (Summer timetable only)
Seven Day
Adult £42.00
Junior £21.00
Bicycle No Charge

  • Registered disabled rates only apply to Blue badge holders
    ** Registered blind rates only apply to Scottish National Entitlement card holders, with “Eye” Endorsement
    *** Only available to Outer North Isles Residents
    Orkney Ferries Limited
    North Isles Vehicle and Passenger Services - From 1 April 2014


There is some disagreement about the shortest flight

The Kegata to Apowo in Papua is very short as well. The flight on youtube is about 50 seconds long.


Call it a HyperBucket and Elon Musk is in.


charges approximately £21 one-way ($28) for the service.

And yet, Mnuchin and Tom Price charter private jets for the same trip. For security.



The quickness of the flight is offset by the airport’s suggestion that you arrive two hours before your flight departs. :wink:


After their last hijacking that required a harrowing 15 minute flight to the next county over, can you blame them?


Given that the flight is a mere 80 seconds long, I was a bit disappointed they didn’t actually include footage of the entire journey in the clip.


The hops that save days of arduous foot travel seem like the most defensible. The ones based on bureaucratic rules? Ugh. Build a train. Use buses.

Airline travel is morally dubious in the age of global warming.



Strong headwinds. Flight took 92 seconds. Missed my appointment on Papa Westray. Would not fly again.


This just jogged my memory about the kid with the paraglider who flew to McDonald’s. This seems like the perfect application, as long as winds are low.


How much traffic is there on the flights?

Depending on the winds, could it be replaced by a lawn chair and some helium balloons?


Agreed. I forget where the layover was, but I flew a prop place a half hour across Lake Erie to Toronto once.

Lemme tell you, the long way around in a car is a lot less fun.

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