The sister she never met shares some uncanny similarities

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Wow, this just happened to Mrs Peas’ sister. Her father was contacted by a woman whom he had unwittingly had a child with. He came upstate to meet her and a couple of weeks later we all got to meet her as well. What’s really strange is that, although the two sisters are very similar, the “new” sister bears a shocking resemblance, speech patterns and quirks to their third sister who has an entirely different mother and father (though she is thankfully free of the crypto-fascist tendencies of that sister). They all immediately hit it off as if they’d known each other their whole lives. I just sat and stared, shocked at the parallels. I don’t remember all of them, but it was all there including specific childhood trauma.

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Met my biological father for the first time when I was 22. We walked into the living room and as we sat down on the couch, we both put our left arms up on the couch back and crossed our right leg over our left. Totally synchronized like we’d practiced for hours. His wife burst into tears.


Can we also find “uncanny similarities” among random unrelated strangers?


How does she know that she is not the evil twin?


No goatee?


I’m adopted, and I met some of my biological family in Feb 2020. My half-sister and I sat across from each other at a table, put our hands down on it, and saw that most of our fingers matched. Same length, same knuckles, same deformation from arthritis… she freaked out and called her husband over to look. Her other two sisters do not have hands like ours. I was completely freaked out to see another human that had parts that were nearly identical to me - my own child looks less like me and more like her father’s side of the family.
If you were raised with people that you share DNA with, you don’t understand how weird it is to see people who look like you.


Pretty sure that’s just the same woman wearing different make-up and outfits. (That would be pretty funny - take some old pictures/videos and claim they’re of a newly-found sibling. “Wow, we’re so similar!”)


Patty Duke Show your way to attention? I’d love to see that happen, get large, and then the person running the con releases a documentary about it.

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Wait till they find out about their long lost brother Jason?!

This kind of thing has been studied in separated twin studies, going back decades. Pretty interesting how much behavior is genetically driven.

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