The six bridge workers who perished were not “poisoning the blood of our country, they were replenishing it"

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wow, what a great piece. brings tears to my eyes. you’re damn right, they were Americans, and we are poorer for the loss of them.


Everyone migrates!
Unless, maybe, if you died in the same house you were born in & never moved.


whose wife occasionally showed up in her food truck to bring the men tacos and pupusas

Ah, one of those “taco trucks on every corner” we were warned about.

Of all the core values of America that MAGAts hate or in their ignorance forget, their antipathy toward our being an immigrant nation (with a giant statue bearing physical testament to the fact) is the one that not only enrages me but deeply saddens me.


Ah, but it’s not so much immigrants, as such. They are fine with immigrants from Norway or Sweden, after all. It’s those others, the ones who remind them how melanin-impoverished they are, that they object to. It’s always racism at it’s root.


Many of the immigrants they hate believe in such conservative nostrums as “faith”, “traditional values”, “hard work” and “personal responsibility”. They also often support “small government”, because they come from countries where they have never seen the state using its power to help ordinary people.

tl;dr Many immigrants would be natural Republicans if the party wasn’t racist AF.


And they indulge in the fantasy that there are all these good white Scandinavians itching to flee their lands of generous social programmes and consistently high happiness rankings for a life of economic precarity (AKA "rugged individualism) and religious fundamentalism in the States.

It would be funny if it wasn’t so dangerous.


They might think that, but I’m not sure they would actually like many people from these countries with a long tradition of union membership, strong state power and a community-oriented way of life.

Then again, the type that would emigrate to the US probably doesn’t fit into that mold. There’s loads of free market types here as well that complain about all these Scandinavian qualities.


I keep pointing out that the most common peope here “illegally” are Canadians who stay past their visa dates. For some odd reason I never hear RWNJs complain about them. (I mean, unless of course those Canadians happen to have dark skin, but even then, the RWNJs don’t call them “Canadians,” but assume they are from other locations.)



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