The Six Million Dollar Man, season 1


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I haven’t seen a full episode since I was a kid. I did happen on a copy of the book a few years ago, it was quite different. His eye is a camera to record and send data back to hq and he can’t see with it. He was basically turned into a blunt assassination tool. A lot darker than the TV show was. A fun cold war spy thriller/scifi mashup.



They made a working portable nuclear reactor with sufficient bio-shielding to keep him from fatally irradiating his own tissue and everyone in his immediate vicinity? Methinks the Six-Million Dollar Man should be adjusted for inflation and economic reality’s sake.


Obligatory spoof on the inflation and exchange rates:


I loved him so bad as a kid!


These days $6,000,000 will just about cover a kidney transplant.

I really wish somebody would make a six million dollar man movie. Different projects have started and stopped over the years and the one that got closest to filming was a spoof (like the Starsky & Hutch movie). There’s sooooo much that could be done with a man who struggles with his humanity (this is what the book is largely about) and is a tool of the government.


The real Six Million Dollar Man was Bruce Peterson, a NASA engineer and test pilot who wasn’t especially thrilled about his 1967 crash–and the injuries he suffered–being used for a television show.


Can’t forget Colonel Austin’s leisure suit wardrobe. He set the standard.


Even as a kid I realised that you can’t lift a car with your bionic arm if your spine and torso are meat and bone. As said, the book by Martin Caidin was different. He wrote some interesting stuff, including Marooned (1964), about a Mercury astronaut stuck in orbit. My favorite book of his though is the WW2 nonfiction The Ragged, Rugged Warriors, about the early air war in the Pacific with planes that were no match for the Zero.


Oscar Goldman was my favorite character in all of 70’s television. I wanted him to be my dad.


[quote=“gellfex, post:10, topic:61402”]
He wrote some interesting stuff, including Marooned (1964), about a Mercury astronaut stuck in orbit.[/quote]

There was a movie adaptation, which I caught a few minutes of recently, on one of those nostalgia channels. I remember liking Marooned as a little space-nut kid because SPACE SHIPS and lifting body SPACE SHIP! but oh man, did the suck fairy get at it.


I always wondered why he didn’t get chafing while running.


The toy version of him was one of my favourites ever, the exploding briefcase was just sublime


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