The sophisticated, hidden ways that trees cooperate and protect each other

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Oh my, yes. There’s so much going on in a forest that even many foresters don’t know about, because they were never trained to look for it. Hormones. Fungi. Bacteria. Charged particles. Nematode selection. Trees are master gardeners. They “talk” to the clouds, too, by way of bacteria riding on the transpiration updraft. (And did you know that clouds have a biome? Of course they do, they’re full of water!)

Anyway, if you want a strong dose of this medicine, go watch Bill Mollison, co-creator of permaculture, talk about trees on YouTube. Mind-blowing.


There’s a fascinating Radiolab podcast from last summer about the “Wood-Wide Web” by which trees share nutrients via an underground network of fungal fibers, even across species: From Tree to Shining Tree.


They even heal little girls, but the credit seems to go to some death cult deity.


Trees also engage in chemical warfare with other plants. (I could swear that I first read about this on Boing Boing, but I can’t find the post - if it exists.)“chemical+warfare”


Our mycorrhizal network offerings have vastly higher customer satisfaction than Comcast; and better SLAs!

Humans do have some intriguing low-latency offerings, albeit without nutrient transport capabilities, I give them that.

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This is what you get when there is unrest in the forest, when there’s trouble with the trees. The maples want more sunlight, but the oaks ignore their pleas!


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