Watch the forest floor "breathe" during high winds


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ETA: Thanks @beschizza for fixing the layout to be more practical (albeit less funny).


Wondering which of the 23 embedded javascript tracking libraries I would need to enable to watch this.

Then decided I didn’t care that much.

For a web site that talks about privacy so much, there sure are a lot of tracking beacons and scripts embedded in your code.


In this case the tracker dependencies are unusually bad because I’m using video embeds that aren’t from YouTube or Vimeo. Local TV news affiliates (and other cable TV type stuff) are the worst and their embeddable media tends to be dependent on a mountain of adtech. We do use them sparingly and I will probably stop entirely soon because jfc.

EDIT: Gulliver’s screenshots are obviously another symptom of the hellish quality of cable TV video embeds but I’ve wrapped them in some CSS and they should be better now.


I think understanding what the mechanism is for the “breathing” would also discourage standing close enough to film it.


“Breathing”? Looks to me like it’s the wind pushing on the tree, that acts like a sail, the trunk then acts as a lever lifting the roots up a little every time there’s a gust. Not really sure how this can be construed as breathing, but ok… Would probably look amazing whilst on shrooms though.


When I pull on my hair, I can make my scalp breath.


Thanks for the quick and open reply to what was a fairly snarky comment.

I’m sympathetic to the conflicting demands of content curation and spy-tech (I also work in tech) and I appreciate that you are doing your very best to wrestle with this.


Ents, Right?


Awww… I thought this was going to be about the wind getting under thickly matted earth. It’s just everyday trees being knocked over by the wind.


Is this ultimately a problem because of shallow topsoil sitting on rock?


Cool videos, but a really bad idea to be there during high winds. A tree of branch is likely to fall on you, winning you a Darwin.


Let us know when they kick in. We’ll talk then.


This is pretty amazing. I love stuff like that, its interesting to me.


Ents that are stuck.


Not always, some trees just have shallow roots. Eucalyptus are notorious for this- there was one in our garden that made a tarmac path ‘breathe’ like this before we got it trimmed.




Nonsense. It’s autumn; the trees are preparing for their migration by starting to stretch their roots.


Zerg infestation.


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