Backhoe operator releases "pollen bomb" by tapping tree


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That tree has been edging all morning. Then one touch


So basically giant cum shot video on the cover of BB :confused:


So… did you two just find your way over from here, or what? :wink:


My asthma says no thanks.


The tree spirits are angered


Entirely as a result of this one incident, too.

But seriously, conifers are wind pollinated and if you shake them it’ll make a cloud. I did one of my early Instagram posts about it.


The tree spirits are aroused



ALL of the NOPE.


Mmm-mmm… bathing in tree jizz.


what, no trigger warning? the back of my throat is now crazy itchy and probably will be all day


Stupid sexy trees.


You sure that’s not titilated?


Trees have no shame.



That’s the hottest looking tree!
I’d like to climb the, uh, branches, yeah, the branches!


Only mammals have tits…


Google image search definitely disagrees!


This will be my backyard any day now. 100 foot pine trees are real nice in summer, in spring, the wind blows and the air turns yellow. It’s like a coating of snow on your car. If snow was genetic material.


A little tree-massage, with a happy ending.