The sound of All is Lost


So, um, on the one hand, if you haven’t seen Gravity yet, what are you doing with your life? But on the other, is there really any need for the Gravity spoiler in the first paragraph of a discussion of an entirely different movie?


Agreed. Any way we can get that HUGE spoiler removed? Haven’t seen Gravity yet… and that was painfully disappointing to read.

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Agreed with the above two. Haven’t seen Gravity yet -I just don’t have the time- and I don’t think it’s OK to post spoilers just because you think ‘everyone should have seen this by now’, especially when ‘now’ is only a couple months.

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Interesting that this short feature on sound has a sound error in it around the 8 minute mark… Richard Hymns is talking but nothing is coming out of his mouth!

To paraphrase the woman in the Monty Python Spam sketch, Gravity “doesn’t have much George Clooney in it.” It’s very much Sandra Bullock’s movie. After the UFO picks him up, you don’t see much of Clooney at all.

I’m sorry, but “this movie is about X” doesn’t make it a spoiler. Everything Mark has stated is both shown in the previews and takes place in the opening 10 minutes of the film. That includes George Clooney.

The first three comments in this thread relate to something that has since been changed. Which is impossible to tell from the present context.

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