The stars of "Hamilton" want you to vote

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These are awesome! Smile on my face!

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Tears in my eyes:)

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But for Jefferson, or for Burr?


I was on the fence about whether to vote. But if the stars of Hamilton want me to, what choice do I have?


“And Peggy!”


“There’s nothing more important than voting.” Is that right? Is that the message to learn from the story of how the founding fathers risked their lives to change the rules of the game? Is voting going to get us out of the mess we’re in, or maybe it’s something more?

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No, no it’s not.

For Hamilton, ideally, but he’s not eligible. Not Jefferson, seeing as how Jeffersonian and Hamiltonian democracy were completely at odds.

Aaron Burr it is, then :weary:

Why vote? I mean really. Every 4 years everyone in America gets all politically involved to fight about two shitty candidates (I was hopeful things would change a little under BHO but nothing really major changed). This time around we have an beltway insider establishment candidate that will perpetuate the warfare state and won’t change a goddamn thing of significance. The other candidate is an utter shit show. Everyone thinks it’s okay to keep up the illusion of “I’m voting for the LESSER of two evils” as if that is okay. Then every American goes back to sleep politically speaking during the non presidential election seasons. The even more important elections about Congressman is largely ignored by most Americans. Yet congress has an 11% approval rate and a whopping 85% re-election rate! How fucked up are we to think that voting for an empty suit in the Oval office even matters anymore. Congress is almost completely in the pocket of every major industrial corporation conglomerate out there. Military industrial complex. Agricultural industrial complex. Prison industrial Complex (war on drugs ain’t stopped). College Industrial Complex (yeah I said it. wake the fuck up. How much longer can we let our kids take on $100k+ in debt for college? it’s only getting more expensive). Pharma Industrial Complex - does this even need a witty anecdote? Medical Industrial Complex. And I think the worst of all is the way in which our Banking and Financial industries are so intertwined with the very agencies that are supposed to regulate them. The derivatives market is $555 TRILLION (about ten times annual GDP for the WHOLE FUCKING PLANET). Some have even estimated the derivatives market to be over $1QUADRILLION DOLLARS. What in the bloody fucking hell.

Hopefully the videos are cute and keep everyone under the illusion that “every vote counts”.
“Rock the Vote” assholes.

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Sounds like someone has a complex.


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I think that they also set up a voter registration booth that was staffed by the cast.

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Well isn’t that precious.

Bless your heart.


But only if you’re a white, landowning man?

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