The stock market is plunging today, but two things are up: the price of gold, and weed use among seniors

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It’s COVID-19 (after the calendar year of the first cases), not -15.


No wonder my google search was questionable. I wouldn’t have thought that obsolete connectors would affect the economy.


and weed use among seniors

Yes, I’m proudly one of them.


“Black Swan,” anyone?

Correlation something something (deep hit from bong) causation.


“Seniors” are just kids some years later.

Too often they are presented as always having been “old”, as if they weren’t born and grown over decades, with lots of life experiences.

Yes, some have missed experiences, but that’s to specific people, not due to old age. Well at least not now. My grandparents all died in the early seventies, their use of computers would be limited, if at all.

But people have had decades to use drugs or computers or whatever. I remember when small computers arrived, I was 15 and couldn’t afford one for a few years, though I was ready (and ready long before most people). The ones who could afford them that year, 1975, were older than me. It’s 45 years later, I’m 60 and those first computer buyers are older. Even those who didn’t get in at the beginning had decades to have some interaction with small computers, at home or work.

There are some who missed d out, but it’s not because they are seniors, but because their life path was different.

Same with drugs. I’ve never done them, but I couid have starting when I was 12, almost fifty years ago. The marijuana laws aren’t changing because the kids want it, it’s because for decades the illegal drug has been treated as legal by many, and others have campaigned for legalization over decades. There are exceptions like myself, but if I try it finally, it’s not because I’m a “senior”, but because it was illegal and now isn’t. And I admit I was “out of tge norm” in this regard.

I’ll accept that the legalization may be pulling people back, but it’s “seniors” when they were younger that changed things.

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You are correct. I was first introduced to pot in 1967 while I was in college. The arguments against it then were 1)illegality, 2)physically dangerous, 3)gateway to stronger drugs. Numbers 2 and 3 were and are obviously wrong. The true danger from possession and use of pot was the potential life changing problems that arose from arrest. People of my age have had had 50 years to see this in action.

Imagine how different things would be now if, instead of criminalizing this product, we had instead treated it as an individual choice issue and chosen to collect revenue from its sale for 50 years while at the same time researching it honestly, both its effects and its potential benefits. In addition to eliminating the negative costs to society and individuals who fell under the wheels of criminalization, we could have had universal healthcare just from the tax proceeds alone.

I was making the arguments for legalization back then, and those same arguments are now beginning to be accepted. What a crying shame that it took so long for the political climate to change around this issue.


who decides this is what i want to know.

there’s a certain narrative that comes across with the stock market ups and downs, but there’s never any survey of stock brokers listed.

seems like reporters pick something that they think people might care about whether or not it’s the thing. whether or not there is a thing.

stock markets move. isn’t it just our desire that they be rational the thing that instills a rationale to their movements?


Contrary to what the AM radio tells you, you should be selling gold when it is high, not buying it.

I’ll probably sell all mine if the trend continues. And scoop up some bargain tech stocks in the short term, or maybe real estate if there is an economic slump.

I mean that’s what I’d do if I were wealthy. For normal people who live paycheck to paycheck this is all going to be a very rough ride.

AKA Winnie the Flu.

Every company that does a lot of business in East Asia is bracing for a very bad quarter. It’s not exactly a secret.

Lord knows I’m doin’ my bit.

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100% correct. No one really knows why the market fluctuates on any given day. We are so overdue for a correction after a 10 year bull market that literally everyone has been anticipating this drop. There is a strong tendency to attribute the drop to a tangible event, but the reality is far different. It shakes out the weak hands that think that the market will always go up and up forever. And the algorithmic traders that care nothing about fundamentals but are computer driven trades based on who knows what jump in and intensify the movements.

No one knows what the market will do on any given day. In the long run, the market goes up because companies make money and the market is based on their future earnings. No one should put money in the market that they may have to access in a hurry. Everyone should put money in the market for future retirement.


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