The story behind the insane Pink Panther Panthermobile

I was so jealous of that boy driver.


Tasted kind of like frankenberry.

I always assumed the painter was Clouseau just trying to do some chores around the house, and that PP was just being a total jerk to him on the poor guy’s day off.

Ant and the Aardvark is the bomb. Watch some and try NOT to imagine it’s Bernie Sanders.


A favorite from the cartoon show is “Extinct Pink”.

The laugh track is abominable. (I’d forgotten they had this! A laugh track for a cartoon???)

But the music and other sound design is superb.


I had exactly those questions as a child but I figured it would all make sense as grown-up so for the time being, I would just roll with it,

As a grown-up now I’m none the wiser.

In addition, I now have the question of why does Aardvark sound exactly like Bernie Sanders?


You had Pink Panther cereal!?!

I bet that was amazing!

We had Pink Panther chocolate which was pink and had a vaguely fruity (I’m guessing it was supposed to be strawberry) flavour to it and it was absolutely divine!

I know this because I came across a box of it in a really quiet rural store about 1990 or so and I bought the entire box. It’s very possible that that box had been there since the late '70 'cos that was the last time I saw them in Dublin.

More than a decade old or not, they were every bit as delicious as I remembered.

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I think the Flintstones started that awful trend when they first ripped off the format of the Honeymooners.


Oh indeed yes. As I recall, it was basically pink Frosted Flakes. I don’t even recall if the pink was supposed to be strawberry or anything but…pink.


Galpin has a brilliant pictorial of the Orbitron

and they buy, resto, and sell some amazing cars

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Is it not strange that the Pink Panther is wearing lepord skin?


omg, this explains SO MUCH about why i stan Bernie.


Yeah, don’t remember the car or the live-action opening credits either, just the animated ones.

In the mid-80s, my wife and I visited friends in Casablanca and then took the train down to Marrakesh for a few days. My wife was still a bit jetlagged and disoriented. We got on the train and about when it started moving they started playing the Pink Panther music, which was pretty surreal.

And then of course some decades later, Pink sold out and started doing commercials for fiberglass insulation.

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What? You expect he’d be wearing panther skin? /s

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Too many questions. What does the Pink Panther say when he steps on an ant?

Dead ant. Dead ant. Dead ant dead ant dead ant dead ant dead annnnnnt.


You are correct. The designer loved formula cars and swooping lines in cars and did a mashup that wound up 27’ long. It was also built early enough to avoid auto safety standards. But it was never part of the movie franchise

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