Hot Wheels retro Mystery Machine


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Pricey for hot wheels but it would look good with my Mach 5 and Batmobile though.


Such a lovely car. Always makes me think of the 356 Speedster.


I ended up spending too much time in the Peterson Museum after noticing the life size one in the upstairs.


Herbie, and the Sniper.


This is from back when they were made of metal, rather than organic vat-grown chicken.


I had a Hot Wheels Mystery Machine long ago and that does look just like it. As a child I was sure that the Gremlin Grinder was the best car ever for some reason:

I now would very much not like to own a supercharged gremlin with glass packs.



Mind yer spelling, young man!


I got that one beat!

The Greased Gremlin was, imho, the finest Hot Wheel to ever represent Kenosha’s Finest.


My apologies.
here is a pic of a life size hot wheel… or at least that’s what it looked like to me.


While I can’t top the Greased Gremlin, on a separate note, what was it with Hot Wheels making souped up garbage cars?

The Packin’ Pacer

The Poison Pinto

I know some people rodded out Pintos, but was there some deranged '70s hot rodding scene that souped up Pacers and Gremlins? Did the designers just have a sense of humor?

I think the designers just were amusing themselves given the Incredible Hulk milk truck.



Probably my favorite desk decorations.


Those are two of the best for sure.


Hulk Milk. No, go ahead - have a sip… it’s supposed to be a little greenish and smell funny. And it’s definitely not easy to come by.

I had an adult cousin working as a designer at Mattel when I was a kid, and he used to bring us Hot Wheel stuff sometimes. My favorite Hot Wheels were probably the ones based on Ed Big Daddy Roth’s designs. I loved Rat Fink, too. My family was Mormon and my cousin had studied art and design at BYU before getting hired by Mattel.

I really wish I had known as a Rat Fink loving kid in the '60s and '70s that Big Daddy Roth had joined the Mormon church back then. It would have made being Mormon seem a tiny bit cooler to me at the time, but it’s not like they were letting him design temples or anything.

(Not my car or photo)


this Corvette Stingray was my jam


My prized Hot Wheels was a '31 Doozie, but it was somehow special so I put it up on a shelf to admire while the Gremlin Grinder was a workhorse eventually scratched up with bent axles and sand in the wheels. I’d forgotten about all these, but I had a fair number until I moved on to Corgis at which point the James Bond Aston Martin with ejector seat became the fave.


Oh man how I loved that one!


Whyever not?


Some pretty nasty horizontal digital print banding on that mystery machine though, yeah? Def not too noticeable in real life with the ol’ naked eye but up close it falls well short of classic solid color ink techniques.