The story of Hawaii's "invisible" cows

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findinvisible :cow: site doesnt work with the latest firefox. bummer…
Would rather tip the invisible cows…

True story: driving out to Hana on the notoriously twisty and narrow road with several other people in a convoy. One person stopped for a rest break; we kept going. Saw a cattle carrier truck at a pullout several miles on. Friend eventually caught up with us. Told us about trying to catch up with us; at a narrow point in the road an oncoming driver yelled “Cows!!” at him. Just around the next curve, the lumbering cattle truck was taking up the full lane-and-a-half of the road coming straight at him. Friend managed to avoid the truck, but new underwear was required.
Cows in HI are no joke.


*Aurochs is singular, aurochsen is plural or singular.
Pronounced like hour-oxen.

Extinct 1627, the same year that Sir Francis Bacon’s ‘A Natural History’ was published. After Earth was circumnavigated.
Awesome creature, I’m still sad.

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Dave - cow!_Mooo

Came for Twister gif. Am disappoint.

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