The story of how sf writer and editor Judith Merril founded Toronto's astounding sf reference library and changed the city

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She was a welcome substitute (as the UnDoctor) for Dr. Dator who did the intros and outros before her. Those bits were really great stuff, at least as I remember them. I have fond memories of trying to hold the rabbit ears just so to bring in TVO on UHF. :slight_smile:

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Yow. So American policies of the late 60s and early 70s gave Canada the SF bragging rights to William Gibson, Spider Robinson, AND Judith Merrill?

There may be some silver linings to the Trump Era yet! For Canada, at least.

And just think! On the income of 3 SF writers, over 50 years, we’ve already made several hundred dollars in extra income tax!


It was always a treat to hear Judy talking about the old days of fandom in the Ad Astra Green Room. Back in those days, even if you were a published writer, if you were female, you were assumed to be some male’s shoulder candy, and Judy didn’t suffer fools gladly.

Good thing she never passed any RIDE stops on her mobility scooter back to her room! :grinning:


I believe Canadian immigration criteria have become somewhat more stringent (to the detriment of writers, artists, and dropouts) since that era.

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And Jane Jacobs.

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