The story of the 'sosumi' beep and other iconic Apple sounds

Originally published at: The story of the 'sosumi' beep and other iconic Apple sounds | Boing Boing


Needs more wild eep. Get your classic Mac sounds here:


sudo nvram StartupMute=%00

You’re welcome.


At about 3 minutes in, the video mentions that apple removed the signature bootup chord. But my mac mini m1 still has the chord. And I don’t believe I’ve futzed around with nvram.

(On the other hand, perhaps apple realizes that the mini can startup without a monitor to display diagnostics, and people are unlikely to bring minis into libraries, coffee shops, and lecture halls.)

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I was so happy when I learned this command. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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For some reason, no idea why, my new PC has, from what I remember anyway, the same Control G beep sound on startup that my Apple II had in 1986 (OK, it was an Apple II clone, a Panasia, with 48K - no 16K card enabling lowercase). I kinda like the little beep.

I watched the video in hope of discovering the origin of wild eep.

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So Apple went from getting sued to making that their corporate motto towards third-party parts and repairs. Nice.

Apple reinstated it a year or two ago. I actually never owned one of the chimeless macs, it was a short-lived thing.


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