The story of the TSA's oddly entertaining Instagram account


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mandatory BB comment about the TSA:

security theater
wasting money
submissiveness training
bad hombres



Thanks! This is a real time saver.


This complements the You Did Not Sleep There account quite nicely.


Don’t pack your homemade replica suicide vest.

Sound advice.


I’m confused, are we pro-TSA now that they have a talented social media person?


Even Hitler had a nice art collection.

Anyway, I’m not surprised they let Jeremy Bentham on board. He’s basically their patron saint.


Did anybody think to mention what a useless melee weapon a chainsaw is? May as well ban bowling balls.


They need to bring back Celebrity Deathmatch, but with TSA contraband. Tina Fey with a bowling ball vs Rachel McAdams with nail clippers.

And don’t tell me it won’t track with audiences, look what they did with Hollywood Squares.


Well we now have decent evidence that there is at least one actual human working at the TSA. Being a skeptic, I am awaiting evidence of more than one human.


“There is an old Danish doctor still going the rounds who became a leprologist late in life. By accident. He was excavating an ancient cemetery and found skeletons there without fingerbones – it was an old leper-cemetery of the fourteenth century. He X-rayed the skeletons and he made discoveries in the bones, especially in the nasal area, which were quite unknown to any of us – you see most of us haven’t the chance to work with skeletons. He became a leprologist after that. You will meet him at any international conference on leprosy carrying his skull with him in an airline’s overnight bag. It has passed through a lot of douaniers’ hands. It must be rather a shock, that skull, to them, but I believe they don’t charge duty on it.”

The Danish expert was of course Vilhelm Møller-Christensen, and the story is more-or-less true, though a lot of the time he was passing through customs with a whole string-bag of skulls, not just one.


Don’t pack your homemade replica suicide vest.

You would not believe the hassle I have received from wearing my Rogue Brewery “Dead Man” trucker cap.


Well now what? When I wore mine they made a huge fuss & I missed my flight.


Yep. Purely a diversionary tactic.

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