When the TSA got suspicious of a scientist's 3D-printed mouse penis


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[quote]Others wanted me to stay and answer their questions, like: How do you milk a fur seal?[/quote]Let’s just get this out of the way.


Nothing found in a search for “penis”. Disappoint … searches for “sex toy”. Nothing? That seems unlikely. What are they hiding them under?



I’ll just leave this here…


Try looking under “kilts”


Now I want to make Rob Beschizza eat all his meals off a giant 3D-printed mouse penis. #wewantplates


But how about this: can you successfully explain it to an TSA official—someone who not only might have no background in science, but also strongly suspects that you might be a national security threat? Can you justify your research in the face of questions like “What are you doing?” or “Why are you doing it?” or “Why are you taking that onto a plane?”

Wow, someone found a use for the TSA!
I’m impressed.


“Look out, he’s got a penis!”


I should be so lucky to have “explaining it to the TSA” be the worst thing about my mouse penis.


Very funny. This is no laughing matter - do you have any idea how many people are killed each year by 3d printed mouse penises?


Might actually be the worst weapon ever. For example, you’d never bring a 3D printed mouse penis to an umbrella sword fight. You just wouldn’t.


Then you have the TSA guards who keep you there - wasting your time – because they are simply bored or curious – and use their authority for their own amusement.


You know what the great thing about this story is?

This BoingBoing article will now show up in the middle of furry porn searches on Google


Those are his hind legs – right?


Here’s the ironic story of what happened to the human baculum.


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