Bullets in deodorant, a meth burrito, and the TSA's other "Top 10 Catches of 2021"

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I had none of those on my 2021 TSA bingo card.


i feel much safer already


Machete (Reagan Washington National)

-pushes up glasses - “Actshully it’s a gurkha Kukri. Uncultured swine.”

All of these things except the fireworks and meth would have been fine if properly checked in. CHECK IT IN, PEOPLE!

Edited to correct nomenclature.


I don’t understand why things that are merely shaped like guns, but are not in fact guns at all, are banned and confiscated, such as a wine holder shaped like a gun. I once brought a solid copper sauté pan on board (was late for flight) that could have easily been used as a weapon, much more easily than a wine holder shaped like a gun. So much of this security theater is based on totemic symbols rather than real risk assessments. Such as a friend who had a keychain confiscated that was, you guessed it, shaped like a gun. Not just any kind of gun either, a 19th century flintlock pistol that was not even two inches long. It’s sheer idiocy.


And these are just the things they found! Most of time they fail miserably at random searches finding forbidden stuff.
This year it looks like they’ve improved! https://onemileatatime.com/tsa-failure-rate/

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It certainly is silly. Especially pre-9/11 when I could board with my 3" pocket knife, but NOT a cigar punch that LOOKS like a bullet, clearly was not a bullet. I had to check it in (they gave me a card board box and I just had to hope I wasn’t tossing $30 bucks away.)

I used to fly with a pelican case with a Canon A1 in it and lenses. That thing always got swabbed for explosives. Every time. I am like, dude, it went through the machine, you can see it is a camera. You’re swabbing this because it looks like something from a movie.

But yeah, I try to check in everything except electronics like my computer. Are they still making people take off shoes?


Everyone over age 13 has to take their shoes off. It’s idiotic.


That’s ironic, considering so many little kids don’t want to even wear shoes.


UNLESS you pay for clear + TSA Precheck…

if you pay? no shoes at some airports

IF you really have pay? you fly private, like Signature https://www.signatureflight.com/
and you can bring guns, coke, hookers, body parts, keep your shoes on your feet and wear spare shoes on your hands, with money? you can do anything you want…


If I could afford private flights, I’d be flying out of the airport even closer to my house than DTW! Alas, I cannot afford such things and must fly out of DTW, the airport the last guy who tried to light his garment on fire flew out of - so we have to take off our shoes. Again, it’s idiotic.

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Fun Fact: “Meth Burrito” is Marjorie Taylor Greene’s SVR codename.


While speaking of ‘uncultured’

The knife is called Kukri or Kukuri (different spellings)

A Gurkha is a soldier famous for carrying it. :wink:


Ah, you’re technically correct. The best kind of correct!

In the states some people do refer to both the people and the knife as “Gurkha”, but Kukri is the name of the knife. I will correct it.

if i could afford to fly private? … :slight_smile: … I probably wouldn’t be commenting here…

Hey, everyone needs a hobby, I’m not going to judge.


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