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From the feed, it looks like they are also seizing dogs, flags, and people in uniform.


that corkscrew looks flat out terrifying!

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It occurs to me that a bottle bought from one of the stores on in the airport could probably do more harm than a corkscrew. I mean, sure it would hurt if some one attacked you with a corkscrew, but seeing as it’s a fine point, short, and… well, corkscrew-shaped, it seems like it would probably be pretty easy to subdue some one who was trying to wield one as a weapon. Reminds me of the now redacted ban on nail clippers.

Ah, but if you read the fine print, the corkscrew itself is permitted…it’s the tiny 1/2" blade in the handle that’s verboten.

Corkscrews/Bottle openers (like the one pictured) ARE permitted in
carry-on bags. However, If your opener has a knife blade, pack it with
your checked baggage. All knives are prohibited from being packed in
your carry-on. Visit www.tsa.gov for more information on permitted and
prohibited items.

So: Civil rights routinely violated, billions of dollars wasted, and authority flagrantly abused by napoleonic federal slackjaws…to protect us all from the scourge of novelty pocketknives.

No terrorism. No devious bombs. Just an army full of Barney Fifes who actually crow and display how irrelevant and pointless they are.


Dugg for the box cutter concealed in a Scooby-Doo toy.

Woah. Looks like they busted Bruce Wayne. Good thing they didn’t put 2 and 2 together.

Fun story.

The winter before 9/11 I flew to Toronto to play in and report on/photograph a paintball tournament. Going there wasn’t a problem, but on my way back they wouldn’t let me board the plane. Seems I had a cigar punch that LOOKED like a .44 magnum bullet and they wouldn’t let me take it on board. I was like, “Look, it’s a cigar punch. It’s not a real bullet. I can’t hurt anyone.”

“It looks like a firearm bullet, you can’t take it on the plane.” he said, in and Indian accent.

“Can I take this?” I ask, holding up my folding pocket knife.

“Yes, it is under 4”. That is fine."

“So you won’t let me take this cigar punch, something I couldn’t hurt anyone with - but the knife I could stab someone with is ok?”, I inquired.

“Yes.”, he replied.

Fuck me. I ended up getting a card board box, placing said punch in it, and check it in as luggage.

Poor dogs!

Obligatory XKCD:


[quote=“laynesk, post:6, topic:37022, full:true”]
Just an army full of Barney Fifes who actually crow and display how irrelevant and pointless they are.[/quote]
They’ve confiscated lots of points.

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