TSA supervisor confiscates raygun belt buckle -- because terrorism!




Maybe they should just go all-in and ban any object shaped like the letter L. The letter J too, just in case. I shaped objects will be okay until someone brandishes a snickers bar as if it were a pistol.

edit - T shaped objects are out too, the so don’t even think about it.


Misleading title. The TSA agent attempted to confiscate the belt buckle and relented. Also add stupid as the agent’s reaction is, why would you take a gun shaped anything to the airport and assume it’s cool? Seems like this person was fishing for trouble so they could be up in arms about it.


Or up in belt buckles, at any rate.


I’m glad they got the buckle back.

It’s so easy to make comedy of this sort of thing, and then something happens where perfectly healthy workers coming back from fighting Ebola are quarantined with no scientific basis at all… “just to be safe”, and now suddenly security theatre makes an accident far more likely.

Because “terrorism” is a deliberate act, while Typhoid Mary is a tragic accident. You need the cooperation of maybe-disease-carriers in a way you don’t need for maybe-terrorists. But authority figures have largely gotten away with this nonsense, and so it goes. (and from the authoritarian standpoint,if Ebola were to break out, they’d have a mandate to play their games all they want! You can just imagine someone up there twirling their moustache, hoping it happens.)


doodz lucky they didn’t make confiscate his HANDS. Troublemaker like him could have made them into gun shapes and even highjacked the plane by pretending to shoot passengers and making “pew pew” noises until the flight crew unlocked their door.


‘F’ is a bit scary, and the lower case letter ‘k’ is kind of gun shaped, and we should probably ban all the letters in the word gun, so nobody could write the word on a t-shirt and scare someone. In fact, I am strongly in favor of banning any letters that could be perceived as a threat, so the letters in pistol, bomb, Al-Qaeda, improvised explosive device, weapon, knife, mortar, mine, bullet and terrorist should all be strictly off-limits.

Xavier, President of the club to get the letter ‘X’ the respect it deserves.


Oh, to remember the good ol’ days, when Police Chief Clancy Wiggum was merely an absurd caricature of law enforcement?

“Good job, boys!”


Wow, now my life is a news story. The EXACT same thing happened to me. The belt buckle, i bought at hot topic. The airport, ORLANDO. So, they are going to take every little kid’s buzz lightyear gun their parents bought them yesterday at disneyworld? it was in my bag and i honestly forgot about it because it is small, and looks nothing like a real gun. But, in my huberis, i forgot that the TSA hand selects un-attentive throwbacks that probably just couldn’t hack it as transit bus drivers. So yeah they threatened me with taking it from me. they got a supervisor over who told me “just this once” and “next time leave it at home” like i was some fing child. If the airlines want to know why no one flies anymore, they might want to get rid of the shake-down thugs pretending to be cops.


You missed ‘Y’, is it a vowel or not? Pick a side you shifty bastard!


OK, let us say you do take off your belt buckle and point it at a cop, or an air Marshall. You may get in trouble but are the passengers on the plane in any danger. Wasn’t the TSA set up to keep us safe from real danger. I guess now their job has morphed to that of a hall monitor. No running and no gum chewing.


So a junior employee made a silly mistake that was corrected by her supervisor. I bet she feels pretty great about having the internet turn on her.


The only type of pistol shaped belt buckle the TSA should worry about is Mattel’s derringer belt buckle.

It was designed to flip out & fire a spring loaded plastic bullet & supposedly you could load a .22 cartridge in it.


Is this not the same as suspending kids in school for finger play guns?


Is there a different article you’re getting that information from? The linked article talks about two different incidents, one where they finally relented, and one where they did not relent and the author didn’t have time to continue arguing it up the chain of supervisors.


Realistic replicas of firearms are also prohibited in carry-on bags…

There are three possibilities…

  1. The agent was not properly trained. Which means the trainer is incompetent.
  2. The agent is unable to read English. Which means the agent is incompetent.
  3. The agent is unable to understand English. Which means the agent is incompetent.

“Stupid” is not the correct word. “Incompetent” is the correct word.

Given that the TSA people involved are incompetent, the rest of your post is irrelevant.


Correct. The buckle is indeed confiscated, placed in a wooden crate with other dangerous, mysterious objects whose purpose or possibilities proved inscrutable to the valiant agents of the TSA.

Fear not, Taxpayer, all items confiscated will be prevented from ever harming anyone ever again and their mystery unlocked, in time.



F-off, no one knows you even exist. Xylophone, I guess? Go back to skateboarding and watching Kevin Smith movies, you hipster.

Grand Poo-Ba of the Tail End of the Alphabet

P.S. You feel me, right C, K and S?


In that they also get manhandled by and overgrown child, and then are not allowed to sit in a cramped seat and watch a shitty movie? yes.


Aye. Not only does it trip up on the ‘realistic’ criteria, it also wasn’t in his carry on luggage.