TSA's Instagram features bizarre items found at checkpoints


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I learned that more than half of all firearms confiscated by TSA screeners are found at DFW airport.

ETA: Also, TSA’s Instagram looks like a trip to the flea market.


And if you bring something actually dangerous, we will miss it 95% of the time. That’s the TSA promise.


He’s not dead, he’s just been in the TSA screening line so long that he’s started to mummify and dessicate


You are now leaving the Gunpublic of Texas, please remember to drop your gun in a approved recepticle and purchase a new one at any of the 450 handy vending machines positioned in the parking garage.


Those poor birds! Wrapped up like mummies for what would’ve been a ~13 hour flight? Glad they rescued them.


This is a good learning tool on what ways don’t work to sneak your weed on a plane.


Well, at least they’re having fun with it /s


Wasn’t there a fellow in China who stuffed a turtle in his pants? I wonder how common this type of smuggling is?


I’m not a fan of the long lines and porno scanners but I’m glad the TSA is catching people who are smuggling animals. What kind of jerks shove sea horses in a liquor bottle or wrap birds in socks?!


Turtley? I do hope it wasn’t one of these:


My God! Talk about TSA incompetence! Not only do they miss 95% of test weapons, but if you look closely you can see three zombies slipping right through the scanner. What, are these guys asleep?

(Hint: The zombies are the ones in brown.)


I’m guessing the seahorses were some sort of medicinal thing. In China you can find all kinds of alcoholic beverages with dead creatures floating in them (we won’t go into the time US Customs let my bottle of Chinese three-snake-and-red-spotted-lizard wine slip through due to how bad it smelled).

And I doubt if they would have caught the seahorse smuggler if the passenger hadn’t been dumb enough to bring them in a >100mL bottle of liquid.


There’s a better than even chance the poor things would have been pining for the fjords by the end of the trip, or at least quite stunned.


tl;dr - the TSA finds absolutely everything except the things they are looking for


I’m flabbergasted by the stupidity of trying to smuggle weed by hiding it into a grenade-shaped container.


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