The stupid expensive massage gun that ends my muscle spasms

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We’re poor, so we just use a stick, gets the same results too.


Have you tried a TENS unit?


I’m sure the build quality of yours is superior, but for $65 I think mine is the better buy:

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My wife got a similar device that uses a proprietary battery - and we lost the charger! I took a 12V wall wart from my project box and wired it directly in. It works great, with no batteries to charge.


Your mileage may vary.


Yes, I have reviewed it. Adventures in Pain Mangement: a TENS unit really helps | Boing Boing


Are you no longer needing the TENS unit? Does the Theragun take care of most of the issues for you? :slight_smile:

“Muscle spasms really, really scare me. Well managed and I can get through most nights without leaping from my bed to try and get weight on a leg and stop a cramp. If I get dehydrated, forget to take a supplement, eat wrong or stress my musculature wrong — all hell can break loose.”

I’m the same, controlled with increased potassium rich food intake and magnesium supplements. The last element in managing this for me has been to keep a small amount of vinegar ( I use ACV because I like the taste ) on my bedside table. Just the taste of it will stop a minor cramp. Personally, I find massage makes the problem worse, but maybe this device would be different…at over 1300 $CAN I won’t be finding out, though :slight_smile:


I have been using the new theragun elite for a year or so on all the tightness that comes from standing for long stretches. Lower back pain too.

It is tremendously effective in the moment and only takes about 8 minutes to get most all muscles in my body.

Main disadvantage is that it leads to an unbalanced feeling, where the muscles that it can’t reach, like parts of the psoas, are still tight. They somehow get even tighter when all the more surface muscles are relaxed.

So lately I have been avoiding trying to work all the muscles and just focus on the muscles that are crying out. Seems like that is the best use.

A word of warning about the cheapo hair dryer style ones: The foam ball heads degrade quickly and replacements are not generally available. The other tools are too hard for practical use. At least that is my experience and why I upgraded to the therapro. The therapro also goes deeper and most importantly has an ergonomic handle that lets you get parts of the back that the hair dryers can’t.


I lost the TENS unit’s anodes and haven’t ordered new ones since moving into my new home. It was never for serious pain and I’d be unable to slap the patches on and zap myself once a real spasm was going anyways.

This is a lot more effective for pain that is above say level 6 or 7. The Tens is for 3-5 kinda stuff.

The Theragun is also useful as just “I feel stress in my shoulders or neck” too.


Came here hoping to see / post this. Was not disappointed. :)

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