"The Super Bob Einstein Movie," now playing on HBO

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Thanks. I’ll be watching this for sure.

Einstein was one of that select and tiny group of “comedian’s comedians” who could get the most jaded of stand-up veterans to wet their pants with laughter. The deadpan delivery, the voice, the athletic physical presence, and the studiously concealed outrage could somehow make even the corniest joke* hilarious. RIP, King of the Road.

[* ones that were old when his father, famed comedian Parkyakarkus, was starting out]


Good old jokes are like good old friends.


Fun and obvious fact: Albert changed his name to Brooks because…


On a local Toronto podcast, Leona Boyd described a very unpleasant experience with Bob. I don’t see it anywhere else online, but according to her, Bob invited her to his hotel room for a business meeting, and when she showed up, he was wearing a bathrobe (sound familiar?). She got out somehow.
Just saying, I wonder what dirty secrets will surface for other performers we treasure. Love the work, but don’t idolize the person.

He is also one of the featured comics in the under-appreciated doc, When Jews Were Funny.

IIRC, he said in the doc that the show was called the Super Dave Osborn show because nobody would want to see something called the Super Bob Einstein Show. Given Albert’s fame, as a kid I would have assumed Bob Einstein was a joke name too, like “Jeb Christ”.

The show must’ve been great as I used to watch him a lot. Not sure I want to rewatch as funny-at-the-time +time does not always hold.


I rewatched all the SuperDave bits I could find when he died. Don’t worry, it’s still funny.

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