The surprisingly complex mechanism inside of a coffee drink carton

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It is a fun video, and the mechanism is more complex that I had thought.

BigClive is a fun Youtube channel to watch. Even when a tear down goes south, he remains calm.

He covers all sorts of topics, examining all sorts of shoddy equipment, batteries and sometimes things that have nothing to do with electronics. He helped FranLab (Fran Blanch) raise some money when she was in need, and as far as I know they had no connection with each other, less YouTube. From time to time I hear his name mentioned by some of the vlodcasters I follow.


Clever but wholly unnecessary?


Can you do it without it - sure, but you would have to pause and peel the foil off the top of the bottle. This provides a much better experience.


As a hammer is wholly unnecessary. Just use heavy rocks.


That’s quite a mechanism. Still leaves me with no desire to buy such a product, when I can enjoy the amazing mechanism of the pop-top aluminum can for a fraction of the price, and enjoy a tasty beer in the process!


Oh yeah, these are very satisfying. I tore one apart about a month ago, curious to figure out how it worked. Still hoping to see a nice, clean, like x-ray view render of exactly the path those pegs are taking as the blade turns.

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12 g sugar = nutritionally unsustainable.
Hunk of single use plastic waste = environmentally unsustainable.


Big Clive is a treasure. His videos are fascinating, but he also puts some really honest things out there.

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I see a lot of cats in our future that don’t have plastic rings to play with.

Clever, but incredibly wasteful.

Love the mug!


Why not both?

I think that the idea behind this mechanism is to reduce the amount of small discarded plastic tabs left around, a bit like the change from the rip off aluminium can tab to the fold in tab. It’s true, it’s still more single use plastic, but in theory you can just rip it off and recycle the entire assembly as a single part. Though plastic recycling doesn’t quite work as well as the plastic producers would like you to think. At least the entire carton can be sent to the incinerator and used for power generation.


Came here to say this…
Single use plastics are evil.

Nice video. But I’m a bit puzzled by his accent. He twice says that he bought it in a [not sure] shop. I’ve been enjoying his videos for some time. But if he says the word I thought I heard, I wonder why he thinks in that way? i am giving him the benefit of the doubt, however, as I haven’t seen Coop-branded goods in shops that aren’t either part of the Cooperative Group or associated Cooperative societies.

I believe he was born in Glasgow, spent a lot of time all over the UK, and lives on the Isle of Mann, if that helps.

Are you talking about when he talks about buying the mug in an asian shop? I don’t know what the UK term is but it didn’t strike me as odd; I’d call it an asian market.

I get the impression that he’s pretty well traveled, or knows a fair number of people that are very well traveled.

I always thought the lid broke the seal! :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I first saw these opening broth containers. I thought a family member was opening the containers and placing them back in the pantry instead of the refrigerator. I ended up opening a few too many before i figured out it was just me.

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