The Swagger is my favorite new toy


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Now, if I had made that video she would have lured him into a dark alley where she eats his soul, then takes his scooter back to her nest for her spawn to use to hunt on its own. :imp:

But that’s just me.


Crazy painting, @Michael_Borys. Yikes!


But does it spontaneously combust?


Probably won’t burst. Perhaps you could expect a slow smoldering flame that envelopes you like a slower, less showy Ghost Rider. You are Ghost Swagger.


It weighs 15 pounds?


I want to see someone ride it during rush hour in Manhattan.


I’ll wait for the videos.


Batteries, then motor. I’m looking at a tear-down of another brand, and the batteries take up the whole vertical handle.


They passed by Cole’s without getting a French Dipped. Does the charge last long enough to get to Philippe’s?


Be careful. You could wipe out on the sawdust floors.


They say it doesn’t!


Do they have a model that doesn’t make the rider look like a ridiculous man-child in the throes of extended adolescence? If you’re old enough to wear a suit to work, you’re too old for this look.


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