The team of elite jewel thieves and the retired cop that helped bring them down

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This is cool as heck. Looking forward to reading this.


I’ll never look at heists the same way again after this new season of Rick & Morty.


You son of a bitch.


The burglars were able to operate for years by moving from town to town, confident the local authorities would not notify each other of the crimes.

Counting on the petty territoriality and information-hoarding of the local cops was a smart move. I’m sure the thief who once worked for the DEA brought that one to the table.


Not crossing state lines was also a great move. And then they crossed them after all.


Very interesting combination of factors that were exploited by the thieves. That information might help business owners and law enforcement to improve security & procedures in the future. The way Crowley was treated doesn’t give me much hope of the latter, though. Also, this bit really got my attention:

In some cases, the target store’s air conditioning would be cranked up, which police later surmised was the thieves’ way of avoiding leaving DNA behind in their sweat.

I guess they also avoided recruiting guys like this:

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Please tell me that one of the players was a veteran burglar who was planning on going straight but reluctantly dragged back into the game by the lure of one last score (Pacino and De Niro can flip a coin to see who gets the lead).


Well (spoilers for the article), one of them decided to flip and went to the FBI. He then said afterwards about his robbery partner of many years:

“I think probably the best thing for me is to not communicate with him, honestly. To not be aligned with Mike in the future would be healthy for both of us. It’s a bad combination.”

Sounds like his friend kept dragging him back in (or they kept dragging each other in), and he finally saw a chance to get out.


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