Silver person suspected in burglaries


Dayman clearly is down on his luck.

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Impossible! I was promised this silver suit would render me invisible!


Hey! I’ve seen that silver dude!

He hangs out in crowds and stands still to pretend he’s a statue for tips.


So how many burglaries does he need to do before going gold?


This is racial profiling and it is disgusting. The vast majority of silver people are honest, hardworking folks.


While the silver individual may not be considered dangerous the large planet eating entity who follows him should be avoided.


I stand agog at this agonizing aggression. Once again, this is just aggravating agitation against the argent-enhanced among us. Agree or not, I hope we will all stand together, in the aggregate, against these aggressors. Which agencies, exactly, are responsible for this agitprop? I am agnostic on this question.


damn you silver surfer. damn you.


Having failed his audition for Blue Man Group, he decided to start his own color-based musical journey. But peril- and Michigan mud- stood in his way.

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I know what he was thinking when he designed this costume, “I’m going to take over the tri-state area!!!” Curse you, Perry.


ROFLMAO, exactly what would said plant be eating?

:smiley:“Planet”, not plant. Tribune is talking about Galactus.

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The Anti Defamation League has stepped in to assure us there is no evidence this guy’s name is “Silverman.”

Why do they assume it is a man? Kind of looks like a woman to me.

the economy hit almost everyone pretty hard. even superheroes.

…Noel Fielding…? Paging Noel Fielding on line one…you’re nicked!

Tell me about that silver plant in the foreground.

Or is the camera adjusted poorly, and neither the person nor the plant are really silver?

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This image depicts the default form of the mimetic poly-alloy T-1000. Your foster parents are already dead.

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Took me a moment!

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