"The Thing on the Fourble Board" is one of the scariest horror stories ever broadcast

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I will have to listen later!

But anyone interested in creepy radio, try listening to a few Shadow radio shows! The early ones starred Orson Welles.


I’ll experience it later. Got family visiting soon. I like your posts and interests Popkin.

Sorry if that sounded weird. Just wanted to say the topics you discuss encourage me a lot.

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I know what you mean. I sometimes say something like “I always like the music you recommend”. Some contributers suggestions resonate. Since I discovered horror themed podcasts (actually radio plays) for walking the dog since I got one two years ago, I’m absolutely going to listen to this on an eerie night walk.*

Only * problem is our boy has poor night vision. I had to take him upstairs to out room last night as something spooked him and he was barking and I realised he was terrified. Poor little fellow guarding us all down there on his own in the dark.


Oh that’s strange, I just taken my Bedlington terrier out for a walk around the block but he’s 14 and his hair is falling out. He’s happy and hungry and skinny and boney x

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He can barely see or he but he smells. Pretty bad. But he eats and drinks like crazy. He’s called Bertie. X


fourble: a unit of pipe for drilling oil consisting of four lengths coupled together.

I looked it up so you don’t have to


I hope they could find that stone finger and ring, maybe reattach it to cement their relationship. I did hear they had a child, named him Rocky. Kinda sad though, kid turned out to be a stoner


That was certainly unexpected. It’s definitely not the sort of thing you’re likely to find in a modern story, where the monster would have to adhere to some kind of logic and fit in with either science or folklore for the audience to accept it. This thing seems completely random and bizarre, but it’s quite disturbing all the same.

For good Radio ZBS and the Jack Flanders series are hard to beat for a bit a scary and a lot of fun characters. Ruby, the Intergalactic Gumshoe also is great listening especially if you are a bit intergalactic yourself, enhanced listening for the enhanced listener.

Nothing compares to “The Thing on the Charcuterie Board”, you know… that weird unidentifiable bit… :scream:

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